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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are supported?

xManager supports Android. Chrome OS and Windows 11 now have Android support so xManager technically works there (and any system that can emulate Android). There are no current plans to natively support Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.


If you are determined to run this on a non-android device then fire up an Android emulator.

Why is xManager showing an older version as Latest?

Sometimes the previous cached version is shown instead of the true latest version, pull down in the app to refresh the page.


Since this FAQ was initially written this bug should have been fixed in newer xManager versions but bugs happen.

Why does xManager not have a translation for my language?

xManager translations rely on our users submitting translations to us. Due to time constraints, additional language submissions are on pause at the moment.


If you are still interested in submitting a translation please visit our support channel to discuss this further.

Where to download the latest version?

You can always grab the latest version of xManager right here on this website or our GitHub.

Why isn't "X" feature added to xManager?

Feel free to make a pull request with the relevant code.

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